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Calculate how much TIME and MONEY you can GAIN with GNU?

Time is money, especially when it comes to making appointments. And in everyday life we aren’t even aware of how much time we actually spend making appointments. Based on survey results, GNU has established that it takes around seven and a half minutes to make an appointment, and that around 80% of this time can be saved by using the GNU app. GNU has used this knowledge to develop this calculation tool, which will show you the huge potential that lies in coordinating your appointments this way. Simply complete the fields below and click on the red calculation button.

With GNU you would have had an additional

hours and ,-


You could have used this to ...
  • extra days’ holiday with your family
  • LEGO towers with your children
  • take the dog out
You could have used this to buy ...
  • pairs of shoes
  • bars of chocolate
  • visits to the cinema